Fee Schedule

New Member Joining Fee (This is a one time, non-refundable, non-transferable, non-sellable fee for all new members.)
Evergreen Estates Resident in Good Standing$275
All Others$590
EECA ResidentNon-Resident
Family Membership$450Family Membership$535
Single Membership$425Single Membership$510
Individual Membership$350Individual Membership$435
Day Care/Extended Stay/Other$175Day Care/Extended Stay/Other$175
Inactive Status$75
Membership Types
Family Membership2 Adults & Children under 21
Single Membership1 Adult & Children under 21
2 Adults no Children
Individual Membership1 Adult
Households with more than two adult residents are required to pay the "Other" rate for each additional adult living on the premises who will be joining the pool.
A senior discount of 10% is applicable to annual renewal fee, provided that the senior is the owner and resides in the home with valid ID (65 years old or older).