Payment with Paypal (Credit Cards Accepted)


  1. Select from the item from each drop down menu that you’d like to purchase to join the pool.
  2. Click Add to Cart. Your browser will open a page hosted at Paypal with your cart.
  3. If you need to add additional items to your cart, click the continue shopping button on the Paypal page.
  4. When you’ve added the items necessary, click check out on the Paypal hosted cart.
  5. You will be required to fill out and turn in the Enrollment Forms before you will receive your bracelets for accessing the pool.

Membership Definitions

  • Family Membership: 2 Adults + children.
  • Single Membership: 1 Adult + children or 2 Adults + no children.
  • Individual Membership: 1 Adult.
  • Senior Couple (One or both over 65 & no children)
  • Senior Individual (Over 65)


New Member Joining Fee

Non-Resident Annual Membership Fees

Resident Annual Membership Fees

Additional Options