Pool Party Request Information, Rules, and Regulations


(No more than 2 parties a day) 

Information required:

  • Date Requested: _______________________
  • Time Period (3 hours max): _______________
  • Number of Guests Anticipated: _____________
  • Pool Members Signature:  _________________

Party Fees & Rules:

  • Party registration fee – $50.
  • Provide list of party attendees on day of party.
  • Guest fee – $7 per guest for those who are not members of EECA pool (collectable at completion of party). No charge for non-swimming adults or children using the baby pool. Children using the baby pool must have someone in the baby pool area monitoring them.
  • Party sponsor may keep perishables in the Guard Office refrigerator until needed.
  • Serving of alcoholic beverages to adults is not permitted.
  • Party sponsor is responsible for policing party area and placing any decorations in appropriate garbage/recycling cans.
  • For parties of more than 20 guests the party sponsor may be required to pay an for an additional guard depending on the number of members using the pool during the party time frame.

A Pool Party Request Form may be downloaded using the below link and are also available at the Pool Office.

2018 Pool Party Request Form